Secret of the Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker

23 Apr


My melatonin knocked me down last night and I was awaken by the heat early this morning.

I feel guilty that whenever I sleep here in my brother’s apartment I come in late for work.

That early call time made me finished another wonderful mind setter book. Of course, what do I do at 4am? Eat? Nah. I am on a reset program as well (more of these on my beauty blog).

Onto to the book.

I first saw this on my sister-in-law, I commented “are you trying to be a millionaire?” She smiled.

When a colleague included this in my books to read, I had a hard time downloading it.

Until the internet offered a miracle.


The book tackles how to change your financial blueprint. The author said that the way we see wealth and money are from what our parents taught us and from what we experienced.

He also emphasized the different thinking of people – rich, middle class, and poor.

He gave seventeen (17) wealth files to help each reader renovate their own blueprint. Each file has actions to take.

I have a millionaire mind.

A declaration at the end of every chapter.

He also stated that the meaning of things are only based on the meanings we give.

That we should control our thoughts and not the other way around.

He also said to replace all non-empowering thoughts to an empowering one.

We shall not be afraid of change and we should be teachable.

In the end, if you are not doing something right or you are not succeeding in what you are doing, then there is something that you do not know. So be open to learn and avoid the ” I know that” attitude.

I wish I can rewrite all the things I have learn but I strongly suggest that you read this book.

There is nothing wrong wanting what you deserve especially if you worked hard for it.

Everyone is worthy to have a good life.

With hopes,


Have a great day!

gonna do my yoga now.

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My Xtrm Monday Training at AIM

22 Apr


Consistency is one factor to keep a coal burning. If you missed one opportunity to learn chances are you will not be able to pass it to others.

Last Monday, I attended another training of our team. I committed myself to attend because in every speaker, I can pick up something new and it will keep me on track.

I feel happy and blessed to be with energetic people. There is a reason why I joined them.

I know I am still on my lax stage and I am fighting the urge to be lazy; I feel there is something in me that wants to come out.


Of course, if they can do it, then they taught me, I can definitely do it my self.


As I begin to change myself for the better, I wish to inspire others.

Learning and growing are life essentials.

Have a wonderful and positive day!


PRESS | Colgate Fresh Jam’s Mind Blowing Music Experience for Today’s Generation

20 Apr

For the first time ever, budding songwriters will be given a chance to collaborate with today’s hottest OPM artists. Colgate Fresh Confidence will allow the youth to say their piece about love and relationships, empowering their fellow youth, having great confidence and achieving their dreams, together with their music idols all through social media.

 This fresh way of composing song lyrics is in tune with this generation’s penchant for social media. The campaign kicked off with a call for aspiring artists to register on Facebook, where participants from Manila, Cebu and Davao were selected for a songwriting workshop.

 The lucky young artists enjoyed a mind blowing experience that not all aspiring songwriters get to experience: to be mentored by some of the biggest names in OPM music today, which included Kean Cipriano and Lem Belaro of Callalily, Miggy Chavez and Mong Alcaraz of Chicosci, Eunice Jorge of Gracenote, and flip-top rap artist Abra. They also applied what they learned by composing a song with their mentors, and performing the song in front of the other participants in less than 2 hours! A total of 17 unique and catchy songs was created in the 3 workshops. All of these songs are showcased in the official YouTube Channel of Colgate Philippines.

 “Ang galing nung nangyari kasi kahit sila yung mine-mentor namin, kami rin natuto sa kanila in the process. Na-inspireuli akong mag-compose ng songs” says mentor Lem Belaro.

 It only got more fun from there. The second phase encouraged the entire nation to collaborate on a song. To kick things off, Callalily, Chicosci, Gracenote and Abra composed and released a melody and a chorus that tackled topics of particular interest to the youth: love and relationships, youth empowerment, and achieving their dreams. The participants sent their lyrics with the hashtag #ColgateFreshJam to create the next big hit song of the youth. The artists then let the magic unfold as the different voices from the crowd-sourced lyrics are put together to complete the songs and ultimately become the anthem of the youth. The completed songs will not only be heard nationwide over the radio, but it will also be launched in a series of concerts.

 Kean Cipriano, lead singer of Callalily, is excited about this project, “Sa totoo lang, ang daming gustong sabihin ng mga kabataan ngayon. Ngayon lang din nangyari na we have a unique chance to make music with them. We would like to hear their voice, and this is the best way to do it–by engaging them through music.”

 The songs will be officially launched on March 28 at the Colgate Fresh Jam Concert Tour, which will feature performances by the aforementioned artists, and will be hosted by Nikki Gil at the SM North Edsa Skydome. The night will be a celebration of not just the local music scene, but also the youth’s achievement in creating a song that best embodies the voice of their generation. Colgate Fresh Jam will also hold provincial concerts with performances by Callalily and local bands in Matina Town Square, Davao on March 7 and Mango Square, Cebu on March 14. Fans can enjoy the night by simply purchasing any Colgate Fresh Confidence 145 ml variant and presenting an official receipt at any SM Tickets branches.

 So what else are you waiting for? Start writing and posting to make the whole world sing only with Colgate Fresh Jam.

I can now blog again on my iPad – Happy Easter!

20 Apr


Cheers for another Easter Sunday!

The lenten season reminded us with the highest form of love we could ever witness in our lifetime – sacrifice.

To go on with my reflection, I am guilty. I never observed Holy Week the I observed it last year. I was caught up with work during Ash Wednesday and eating no meat on Fridays did not pushes through.

What’s up?

During our usual Visita Iglesia we went to Bonifacio High Street and experienced the Walkway by Church Simplified. Instead of internalizing each station, I missed to comprehend each activities.

Again what’s up?

Through this mini reflection, I realized that I am the only driver of my own ship and the results I bear are from my own actions.

Since I am aware about it, I should calibrate it immediately. In silence I will pray and may the good spirits soar upon me and be blessed continuously.



I was able to enable the two-step authentication process for iPad so I am can now post frequently once again.


Today marks another cracked egg of our lives, let’s nurture our new chick and turn it to a beautiful roosters and hen.

May your dreams come true,


Jumpstart 6.0: An Xtrm retreat experience

16 Apr


12 April 2014, Fraser Place Makati

It was last January when I joined Xtrm 1-11, Inc. It was a culture shocker for me considering myself as an introvert. When I started to immerse myself to the culture they have, I feel really happy because I am now surrounded with people who wants to create change not just to their lives but to others as well.

They are those people who stepped up and changed for the better. I am getting there I say to myself.

One activity that will make me feel that I really belong is the Jumpstart, it is like an initiation gathering, I should say.

It is a little hard for me to be a follower as I am used being an organizer for any event, attending such makes me itchy to check for details. But hey, it is time to relax.

We came in late because, I fell asleep. I woke up around 2:30 pm when the meeting was supposed to be 2 o’clock, how shameful?

I met with N at Gil Puyat avenue and took our time going to the hotel.

We were asked to change into our red shirts and joined the others.

The activity started with meet & greet. I feel like I was freshman once again, this time around I no longer introduce where I came from but what I do now for a living.

And then we were asked to go to the living room and meet our founder and mentors, namely, Billy Dela Fuente, Richard Tan, and Caleb Edpao. Their stories were really inspiring.

What touched me the most is that although they are already on top, their feet are still on the ground. They have extended their hands and continue to guide each one of us.

After them, we watched the move Facing the Giants. I thought I have watched it but browsing my movie bank, I have not.

The movie was moving knowing that if you trust and offer everything to God everything is possible.

We then shared our learnings after the movie and stories from my colleague touched my heart too.

I realized how blessed I am and I shall continue to be a blessing to others.

We ended our Jumpstart around 7:00 am and I left the place ignited.

Positivity and energy is contagious so better surround yourself with people that will uplift you.

Keep the fire burning and never stop until you reach your goals.

What a refreshing experience for me!


Wedding Coordination Projects

26 Mar

Like what I mentioned in my earlier post, I am doing freelance event coordination. Although my experience is in corporate events such as convention and exhibits, life events also fascinates me. It is nice to see happy faces knowing that you are the one who created it.

Two months from now, the wedding of my high school buddy is happening. I am the coordinator her color palette is gold, purple, and blue. I like the combination of the two, it is very elegant. We are now at the phase of our checklist where we tick out some accessories like wedding veil, wedding dresses, and wedding shoes. I notice some brides find it hard to choose these accessories for their big day. They compromise personal style, comfort, price. These are also the accessories that will make a statement on your wedding day.

Every time I make my pitch on brides I am imagining my wedding. I am still torn whether I like something simple or grand. A secret wedding sounds appealing to me, where people will only find out about the occasion once you instagram it. LOL

The reason why I don’t plan my own is because years ago I got a feedback that if a girl starts planning for a wedding at the early stage of your relationship, men will freak out. Since then I ignore to plan my own, no matter how I go around inside my mind about how I want it to be. I cannot extract anything.

Maybe wedding planning aftershocks for others is taking its toll on me.

After this May wedding I am doing, I gonna be coordinating a wedding in January 2015. The month and the year is special to me (ending the story here). I also got an inquiry about the destination wedding care of my proud daddy.

They were drinking when they called me to pitch in the plans, but I hope the client will remember to call me.

Is this the sign for a total change of heart?

I am turning 25 and I want to be someone.

A person my past self-will be proud of.

Thank you, dear God for all the blessings.


Do you want to get a quote for wedding coordination activities? Feel free to email me.

Time Check: 02:19 AM, 26 March 2014

26 Mar

This is my second time to spend the night in the office. The first one was in 2009 when we were stranded because of typhoon Ondoy. This time around I am stranded with work… I do not understand why I mismanaged my time, did I really entertain so much inquiry?

I guess not.

I am relieved now because I was able to finish all my layout tasks, I wonder, if I can train someone to do my job, it will lessen my burden. The problem is we only have one licensed software here and I was the one who introduced to use it. Well, I do not want to continue doing magazines in office word and yes, it is 2014.

I feel sorry for the suppliers whom spending the night awake like me. If all of us commit with the deadline given I am pretty sure I am not typing this entry now.

The big event will be next week and I am praying hard that it will be once again successful. I feel proud knowing that I am behind the event.

As for the other things going on with my life. My wedding coordination sideline is doing good. I am thinking to build my team as I realized that I cannot handle everything alone. I know somewhere there is a competitive person who can do magnificent tasks if trained well.

I am excited to pursue this career, styling and coordinating.

As for the other business I am doing, *screams* I was qualified to enjoy the lifetime matching bonus. How cool is that? I will be able to accumulate passive income once I set up this. I cannot contain my excitement.

I must admit, at first I was very skeptical but….. if they can do it, why can’t I?

I learn not to limit myself to things that will lead me to greater success and fulfillment.

As I finish this note for tonight (morning). I hope my next caffeine shot will be effective.

This is still going to be a long day for me.



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