Street Food at home version

29 Jul


It’s been a long time since I write a food post as I don’t cook that often in our apartment. I don’t even bring a camera whenever I dine out. I realize I eat more convenient store fried chicken often than real food.

Anyway, yesterday I took a work off and decided to prepare a snack for us. These kind of food are considered ‘street’ food where you will find it in carts along the alleys. What make it special is the sauces – sweet, spicy, and seasoned vinegar.

Although we cannot copy the signature taste of those sauces, some said we should incorporate germs in them to copy the taste. *laughs*

What we did in this version was to mix chop chili, onion, vinegar, sweet chili sauce, and sugar; the taste was pretty close, I tell you.

Get the Frabelle sweet chili sauce for this! it’s the most commercially available sweet chili sauce for me.

I really enjoy snacks like these. Maybe next time we’ll copy the grilled intestines or inihaw na isaw ng manok at baboy. This calls for a neighborhood business, by the way.

Gonna grab my dinner now.


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Love is still in the air

20 Jul


For the past eight years I’ve been in a relationship, I must agree with the quote I posted above. As days go by I noticed that things changed between us. I remember the three stages in a relationship and I believe we are on stage three, attachment phase.

This could be the most boring and challenging phase. Boring because you knew everything about your partner, how many moles does he has, if his fart smells disgusting, if he snorts, if he eats like a pig, or if he is plain pain in the a**. The surprise factor and getting-to-know stage is all over.

Challenging on the other hand because you will try really hard to make that boredom fun again. To trigger every spark you two have and to ignite the romance you had when you first laid eyes to each other.

Hugs, kisses, cuddles, and sex still feels amazing; you just have to remember to give it. Arguments most likely to be present in this phase too because you are too comfortable with each other and you are likely to speak your mind this time.

In any romantic relationship there could only be two different path. It’s either you make it to the wedding bells or break it and then walk away. I am in a moment where I want to end what I have right now because I feel I am being strangled but the reason I am writing this now is because I realize something.

Commitment will always be your choice, making it work will always be your choice, being happy is definitely a choice too. Just because there are days that he doesn’t seem to be the person you want him to be doesn’t mean that you will suggest break up. It’s true that indifference is the reason why most people are hurting but if you will open your self up and feel the love, you will find happiness.

I smell him and I can tell that his DNA compliments mine so I should let go of my frustrations and enjoy every single minute I have with him.

True love is not rare it’s everywhere. Just keep an open mind.

I don’t know why I wrote this but I guess I will say…

I will never let go.

Ooh cheesy!


P.S. Just love.

My weekly roundabout: Typhoon Glenda

18 Jul


Work as usual. I started to wonder if I still belong in the place. I have a feeling that I don’t anymore. For the past five years that i spend more than eight hours of my life. My nose wanted to smell a new green.

I started to branch out and it smells nice.

I went to work and when I stepped out of the vehicle my view my turning. I tried my best to reach our office and I was not productive. I rest the whole day on my desk and wonder why I am uberly dizzy.

Some colleagues said I’m pregnant, so I bought a test kit on my way home. I have a feeling that it was because of my emotional stress the night before. The feminist side of me is screaming at the of her lungs.

The Philippines, specifically metro Manila, undergone signal number three typhoon named Glenda. I didn’t report to work because the roofs were flying outside, trees being uproot, and flood.

The eye of the storm passed by. We don’t have electricity, my phone is dead. I am thankful that my families are safe. My dad told me that in Laguna, which is signal number three also, was devastated. Our tent flew away and our turkey at the rooftop, well I forgot to asked.

My electricity was restored and yes I charged my phones.

As for the pregnancy test kit results? It’s negative.

I hit the snoozed button. I checked the clock to found out it was ten o’clock. I skipped work once again. I finished the laundry and went to the bank to pay bills. It was a headache. LOL

It’s three in the morning and yes I am reading a book while spotify is on. I cannot sleep, though I am sleepy, my mind is busy thinking about everything. So it might be useless if I will close my eyes and think of my what if’s.

I see my self hanging steadily at the edge of my imaginary box. It’s life I feel the breeze of change and yet I don’t want to let go to feel it.

I will let go now

I am organizing our team building to better to talk my committee forts and yes fix my life so I can start helping others fix theirs.


Hoping everyone’s safety.


P.S. To all my beauty blogger readers and YouTube subbies I’ll do my best to manage my time and serve you all. I miss you a lot.

Sad Story: Our dog, Piper, died today

5 Jul

If you will remember my post recently about our dogs {here} I talked about our dogs.

Just this evening (Friday) my dad sent me a message that Piper passed away. She was our dog for 11 years, same age as my nephew, Grey. According to science, dogs are seven years older than humans, meaning piper is already 77 years old.

Remembering her journey as our dog, she has been passed around. We have been to apartments that won’t allow dogs. We would let other owners adapt her for the mean time and was able to acquire her again 2011.

There are times that she won’t eat. Well feed her water with sugar and my mom would sacrifice to spoon fed her. She was the dog we owned for a long time. She even had a grand daughter.

She’s always the house protector. She will bark at suspicious people while stay calm with the people she knew.

Lately, I know she’s old. She can’t barely recognize us and sometimes she can’t hear her name anymore. We can’t bathe her because she only wants mom, we can’t even trim her hair. She’s moody.

She recognizes me because ever since I am the one who massages her whenever I sit near her.

It’s funny because she hates my boyfriend.

She was really jolly the last we saw each other. I took photos of her because I am really proud owning a let for that long.

I don’t know if she just waited for a new dog, Chichay, who will protect the family and the house. As she knows that Alex and Yena cannot do that.

I am gonna miss piper. I never imagined that last Tuesday was the last wag of her tail for me.

Rest in peace.


P.S. when it comes to pets I am emotionally attached because they play a big role in completing any family. If you have pets, love them.



Inspired for life: The Power of Affirmation

3 Jul

It’s one in the morning and I cannot sleep (though I am super sleepy, I can feel my bones twisting and it hurts). I have no work today because it’s the city holiday, thankfully, I was able to go to my other work and train.

I love my other work because of my team. I am surrounded by positive people who inspired other people as well. I want to be like them. I want to inspire others and change their lives.

They inspire base on their experiences, mostly hardships and how they have overcome them. Studying it, I still don’t have enough hardships to tell, I have not reach my goal, yet.

But that doesn’t mean I cannot inspire right? My hard work and determination can compensate to that. Still, if I am really hard working enough I would be able to get what I want.

What do I really want?

My title says “affirmation”, for some they find it hard to affirm others simply because they don’t do it to themselves. Wondering why it is important? It is important because it boosts anybody’s self esteem; that person will do it again and s/he can have a smooth sailing life.

It works for me because the more I affirm myself others give affirmations too. I perform better and I strive to be on top. Since I receive a lot of affirmation I can see positive things around me and I do the same.

It is as simple as complimenting a pretty scarf of your friend but before you do it to others do it to yourself.

Every time you wake up, look at the mirror, tell yourself that your the most beautiful person in the world and that you are great. Of course believe it and see the difference.

Don’t let negative things outgrow you. Don’t focus on your weaknesses. The more affirmative and positive you become you will have that sparkle in your eyes.

You’ll look young. I tell you.

I always think I am pretty, intelligent, and talented; that’s what others sees in me too. I know because they tell me.

Now if it’s hard for you to feel good about yourself, I have some affirmative words that you can say to yourself everyday.

Affirmation is like a bathing, do it daily.


Hope my thoughts ignite your beautiful being because you are one beautiful person. You just have to see it first.


SAMMY (good night, zzz)

Friday thoughts | dream big and be responsible

27 Jun


A lot of people complain about their current status without being aware that they are not doing anything to get the life that they want. They blame their job, their boss, their parents, the government. If you will evaluate, we have our own free will, meaning whatever we choose today will affect our future.

Most of us rush to get what we want, sometimes we want things that we do not really need. And if we don’t get them we whine.

I wish people will learn to be responsible with their own actions. If we have an ideal life, first we must believe that we deserve it and second do whatever it takes in order to take it.

Big dreams are absolutely fine just as long as we won’t step on somebody’s life to get it.

{my Friday is a little controversial, I pray for a light and a new path to take. I am excited to the our tentative list, weee}

Happy weekend.


Cute Stuff

26 Jun

Do you notice how fast time is flying now? It seems that my 24 hours is not enough and I keep on forgetting things. I need a systematic brain and an improve time management skills.

Anyway, I got this cute stuff over a bazaar. I like rainbows lately anything colorful, it brightens up my day.


How are your Thursday guys? Any throwback stories?

Connect with me.



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