Meeting with RTL CBS


I will try to see if I can maintain writing everyday, once again.

Today is a busy day. I went straight from Laguna and then went to Makati to meet with RTL CBS, a new channel on the block.

We discussed the following projects that we could work on. We ate at chateau 1771, a very suitable place for good food and business lunch.

I am hopeful that we will be able to start a good relationship with RTL’s Philippine Rep.

After the meeting, we sat down with our tax lawyer to discuss office financial issues.

Then to cap off the day, I presented a health and freedom slide to a potential business partner.

I am thankful that I have the energy to accomplish everything.

Below are the photos for today.





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Weekly Roundabout: a magazine

I missed my last week’s roundabout, thinking I didn’t have any interesting events happened. Aside from attending events for my blog.

For this week, I accomplished task which took me a week to finish.


I was able to finish 95% of it. Tomorrow would be my busiest week and I shall document everything.

Here are my week in photos via instagram.


I met with Microtel. We discussed our room requirements for next year.


I get to try the Ilo slow juicer that my mom in law bought. I have an assignment to make salsa and more detox juices.


And then I went to see my XTRM Studios team to plan our shoots. Our head let me try his new mustang named dollar. The speed is amazing, it is like a roller coaster.

Do I want a muscle car?


And then a work out! This is my new favorite song, Masterpiece by Jessie J.

I also bought a speed rope and killed myself.


I really need to develop the habit of exercising.


I listed the other fitness stuff that I wish to get in the coming months.

I spent my Saturday buying supplies for our Photo Booth Business and then went crazy as people around pressure me about marriage. Haha Poor me, I am celebrating my silver year of existence and yet floating goal would be a wife.

Can I imagine how my life would be if none of these happened?


Chef’s Noodles: Spicy Pork Dupdap

Is this my first Korean food post? I bet it is. I was on my way to Quiapo to get supplies for our Photo Booth and I realized I haven’t eaten my lunch. I went to SM Hypermart and went to Chef’s Noodles.

I learned about this establishment over Blogapalooza, no idea that it was a Korean Restaurant.


I don’t mind eating alone, sometimes I feel more peaceful when I do it.

I ordered their Spicy Pork Dupdap in Korean Spicy. It’s nice that they asked the customer first about the level of spicy-ness.

The rice was served separately and instead of mixing it with the pork, i ate it the normal person would eat a rice and a viand.

It tastes like Kimchi, not crazy spicy. It’s delicious and the pork is tender. The vegetables are not over cooked.

I partnered it with a refillable Iced Tea and the staff was hospitable enough to refill my drink without asking.

The prices of their food is affordable. You’ll be surprised that you can eat authentic Korean with breaking the bank.

I shall return to this place with the boyfie because he is a fan of Korean Cuisine. I believe we found a new favorite.

Thumbs up, Chef’s Noodles!


SM’s Top 100 Women, Pin Dela Fuente makes history in the Philippine Direct Marketing Industry

A recent study in the Philippines shows that the main reason the economy is not progressing is because 80% of the population are employees. If more Filipinos venture into business, citizen will eventually become wealthy and the economy will boom.

One business model that displays faster growth is direct marketing. Successful entrepreneurs, including Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki declared it in their books and speeches, even highly recommending their followers to give it a try.

“If you want to create security for your future YOU need to create it. You need your own business.” Author, Entrepreneur Robert Kiyosaki says.

In the Philippines, a lot of people were aware that there is a future in direct marketing unfortunately those people have unrealistic goal, why they started it, some are just afraid to jump out of their comfort zone and do something for themselves; some people tried and succeeded, while some people fail, and when they fail, most of the time they bad mouth it.

Successful direct marketer, Pin Dela Fuente, proves that peoples’ business (direct marketing) is more than just a business – it’s an asset. You invested in yourself and helped other people while exponentially growing your own wealth to venture into your own business in the future.

Pin DF
Billy & Josephine, Million Dollar Club Member

At first, Pin believed in stereotypes, but when his husband, Billy, proved her wrong, she soared high. She is now helping Billy, hand in hand to be more successful.

They established an organization named XTRM 1-11, they teach their teammates the system that worked for them, after all, the business is merely, copy business as they say. They are selfless to give knowledge and dedication to the team. They offer extensive business skills training and personal development. They mold the character of each person and unleash their full potential.

Pin Dela Fuente

Their dream is to create more game changers in the industry. To date they have helped thousands of people already and they don’t stop there, they help more.


R&R was very lucky to interview her better half, Billy, to know more about Pin.

How do you divide your work being business partners?

Pin and I divide our work depending on our personality. She is the one in-charge managing our deadline every cut off, she is also in-charge taking care of our leaders. I focus on training our team members and inviting more people to join our team.

Pin is really good at what she does.

pin billy 1

How is Pin as a wife and as a mother?

Pin is a certified juggler, she can do all things at the same time without leaving one behind. She is perfection, she takes care of me, our kids, and our team. She does things with great love and passion, she sees to it that everything is on the right track. If you need her, she’ll always give a helping hand.

She puts family first. More than just my wife, she is also my best friend, my lover, my co-leader, and a servant of XTRM 1-11.


About Pin

Josephine “Pin” Dela Fuente is a graduate of BS Tourism and worked as a Sales Executive in New World Renaissance Hotel. She has been married to Billy Dela Fuente for five years, and has two handsome boys, named Godfrey and Enzo.

Pin Billy Family

She loves to paint, draw, and scribble. She is also into fashion, never misses a trend. She decorates their home and read books on her spare time.

Pin was included in SM’s Top 100 Inspiring Women and received an awarded as the BEST LEADER OF THE YEAR in the recent Asian Networkers Convention and Expo (ANCE).

SM Powerful Women



Join their #FiveStarProject and know how to be part of their growing team, XTRM 1 – 11, Inc. Visit their Facebook pages to know how  Pin Dela Fuente • Billy Dela Fuente • XTRM 1-11, Inc. 

Ichiro Casual Japenese Restaurant

You all know I can never get enough of anything Japanese. So to solve our angry tummy today we strolled SM Megamall’s food court and we saw this recently opened stall.


They are serving famous Japanese dishes in an affordable price. There are a lot of choices but to stop the thinking, we get our usual Tonkatsu. This is to compare their version to others.


This is their version of Ross Katsu (Porkloin). They have an eco (P129) and regular (P140). The eco set comes with miso soup, rice, cabbage; as for the regular, add a salad. If you wish to have drinks for your meal you will add (P15) for the iced tea.

I would say the katsu selection they have and its presentation is similar to Yabu but I won’t advice to compare them because they are different.

Of course, the taste, almost authentic. The miso soup pulled it off.

This is the type of your Japanese fix where you should not expect the following:
– Japenese rice
– fruits in season
– pickled bell pepper
– thick slices of Katsu

Overall, i liked it. They are thoughtful enough to make your experience genuine because although they are strategically located in a mall’s food court, they used Japanese utensils — tray, plates, bowl, chopsticks. And to compliment the “casual” image they’re claiming, they included a stainless spoon, not just for the soup, but for people who really not into chopsticks.

Those are the things that appealed to me the most. I must say, I am biased when it comes to Japanese food, I will only say negative feedback if the food they served is beginning to rot or they deep fried tempura and Katsu in the same oil.



P.S. have you missed my Daily Eats posts? Hope you like it.

Your future is define by the choices you make today. Choose to be great.


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