Today was supposed to be my wedding day


It was 2011 when we plotted this date – 24 January 2015, as this is the Saturday we saw in the calendar four years ago. We never thought that days would fly so fast and we got overwhelmed with each other’s own individual journey.

When 2014 came, we thought there would be a miracle. Things got crazy on my work and his gone easy. We wanted to accomplish more things for us.

We didn’t lose the firework we always had in our relationship but we got older.

Wanting to settle down is a priority….

It’s not about planning the dress you will wear or the menu you will serve to your guests. It’s about evaluating your relationship and valuing the essence of building your own family (as Catholic, the sacrament of marriage).

We can always start a family anytime now but without taking this new step, we won’t mature as a couple.

I am thankful that my partner is pushing for this and I’m the one slacking (I cannot complete the list of my entourage).

It’s rare, true love.

To all people who is in a relationship right now (or you want to be), don’t just play on it. Do not commit yourself if you plan to walk away. Never neglect each day to do something that will nurture your relationship. Grow together. Have fun. Compromise. Don’t strive to be perfect. Understand indifferences.

At the end of the day, the one you will end up with is the person you choose. The relationship you’re gonna be in, is the relationship you took care of.

One last thing, love yourself first, completely, in that way you will be able to transfer not just romantic love to your partner, but the most genuine love we can impart to everyone else.


P.S. We have chosen a new date and plans are tangible now. I am so excited.


I asked my team for their New Year Resolutions — you might have the same answer

First week of work for 2015 down! Phew! I still have the feeling of so many things to do, so little time.

During our first meeting, I asked them what work related attitude that they wished to change this new year. These are their answers:

1. Avoid Tardiness
2. Avoid Procrastination
3. Have a system
4. Time Management
5. Mastering of Emotions
6. Tidiness
7. Complete task under deadline

When they finished, I shared solutions and adjusted policy to accommodate them.

Above all, working doesn’t have to be a burden. You can love your job, own it, make your results A+ all the time, and sleep soundly.

I hope my team will improve sooner than later.

Any tips you could provide?


New Year’s Eve Menu – #FoodComa

Of course New Year would not be the same without the food shared with your family.

I went home late from Manila. All bus line cut off their trip and I searched for other stations that would at least go to South. I should have travelled earlier. LOL

As for the food we prepared, my mom almost did everything. She is more into New Year compared to Christmas. Since we are just five in the family plus three dogs we didn’t prepare too many dishes.




We have Pancit Canton, Morcon, Lechon Kawali, Imbutido, Fish Salad, Buko Pandan (not in the photo), and my Lasagna.

We ate like every hour. Haha As much as I want to lessen my food intake. I can only sweat more.


Happy New Year!

Thank you for the 2014 roller coaster

I am trying to recall my last year happenings but my memory is getting pretty dull now. One thing for sure I had more sleepless night than I did during my thesis nights.

I felt that 2014 gave me slower progress because I never put my heart in all my plans. I was looking at my dream board I only accomplished 1-2 things there. I am still thinking whether to make another one.

2014 made me stronger, it taught me how to cry without having tears. To stand on my feet. To give way. To be assertive. To be honest. To focus my energy to one thing. To expect less.

2014 is the year to make mistakes, I turned 25… I assumed the quarter life crisis is over by now.

I want my 2015 to be fearless and to be true.

My 2015 will be my transition year.

I won’t read predictions as we make our own fate.

I thank everyone for being part of my life. I lost some important people and I decided not to chase after them. I may now be surrounded by few people but they are the reliable one.

Lastly, I thank God for another 365 days to live. Without his mighty guidance I may not be typing this. Faith gave me strength.

For everyone else, let us beat our 2014 and make this year better. I pray for your peace, happiness, good health, and forgiveness. May your days be brighter and I hope you won’t stop fighting.



Your future is define by the choices you make today. Choose to be great.


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