Weekend Roundabout: Puppies and a blue bee

My phone is giving me a hardtime because of its memory. If I don’t upload posts immediately they’ll be in the cloud. 

Weekend Roundabout is mainstay section here, and for this particular weekend, I felt enchanted. 

I went home to Laguna after a month, my mid June and July have been hectic because of work transistion and weddings. Being in our family house, in the middle of unspoiled tall grasses, I found serenity. 

I breathed fresh air, heard the birds chirping, kissed our dogs, cooked a meal, and other countless domesticated things. 

Sunday morning, I smelled Kamuning I flowering plant similar to Sampaguita. It smells amazing. To my surprise, there were butterflies, dragon flies, moths, and bees. 

I feel blessed being co existed with these nature wonders. While watching them, I imagined where they will bring the honey and spread the pollens.    

 According to my dad, these butterflies were the caterpillars whom have stayed in the Gumamela tree months ago. They have blossomed into an apple green butterflies.
As for the blue bee, it’s rare.

I spent the rest of the afternoon with the dogs, brought Alex for grooming, washed the car, trimmed the plants, and then cooked for the family.

I felt more tired but contented.

Our new puppies were awesome too.  

Our aspin, gave birth to four lovely puppies. We named them Sugar, Star, Dexter, and Leo. We should not be attached cause they plan to give it away, but hey, they’re great addition to our security.

Upon leaving by dawn, I felt brand new. I realized that we should always seek for good in all things. Don’t let any small negative stuff affect our day, they’re just small stuff anyway.

Time to face this week’s grind.

Have a great week! 

Promo Alert | Haier is Chillin’ Summer until June 30!

Mild drizzles and overcast skies have frequently been making appearances lately, signalling that summer is winding down; but don’t put away your sunscreen and beach hats just yet because the sun keeps shining over at Haier, with its Chillin’ Summer Promo. Make the rest of your summer count by making Haier a part of it, and let the summer fun continue!

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For every 32-inch or any bigger size LED TV you get the chance to choose between a 5400 MAH power bank that’s surely useful for long drives to the beach, and a wall bracket for that new screen of yours.

Wanna chill? Then get a Haier or Sanyo refrigerator! Whether it’s a single door or a two-door you’re eyeing, the choice is yours between a free Rubbermaid Food Keeper + 3 Sports Bottle or a Rubbermaid Food Keeper + 1 Chug Bottle + Slotted Spoon. If you’d rather get a 1/3 gallon Coleman Cooler Water Jug or a Sanyo pressure cooker, then buy a 2-door no-frost refrigerator instead.

A window type air conditioner (AC) can get you free AC brackets while a split type will come with a 1/3 gallon Cooler Water Jug from Coleman or a P3,000 Installation Subsidy.

Get a 500g Surf Blossom Fresh w/ Fabcon Detergent when you buy a single tub washing machine. Make it a twin tub and score a Rubbermaid Food Keeper + 3 Sports Bottle or Rubbermaid Food Keeper + 1 Chug Bottle + Slotted Spoon.

Beat the heat with a free air cooler when you purchase a front load washing machine, and a Sanyo pressure cooker when you buy a Fully Automatic Washing Machine or a washing machine dryer. What could be a cooler deal than that!

To avail of your freebies, just present a proof of purchase from the same store where you bought your items (except for the P3,000 subsidy for the wall-mounted air conditioning system, for which you will be referred to call the Haier hotline), within 60 days of your purchase.

Find out more about this promo and other cool products, visit and like Haier Philippines’s Facebook page or call the Haier hotline at 1-800-8-9999999 for Globe subscribers, 1-800-10-9999999 for PLDT subscribers, or get in touch with the customer care center at (02) 883-9999. 


About Haier

Haier is a leading first-class brand of innovative home appliance products and services that creates value for consumers beyond their expectations. Haier is about inspiring Filipino homes to live life in a higher standard with more energy-efficient, user-friendly and environment-friendly home appliances – ‘Smarter Life, Better Planet’.

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I got #CurriedAway 

eri curry_thin beef omelette

I went out with friends last week and we chose to eat at Eri Curry in SM Megamall. I never thought that their menu would be curry alone. I was never a fan of curry because most curry dishes I’ve tasted was too strong. But I was shy to walk out from the restaurant so we ordered anyway.

You can customize your curry by indicating the level of spiciness and how much rice do you want. Then you can add toppings if you wish. But I didn’t order from the main curry choices, since I like eggs, I chose in the omelette category – thin sliced beef curry.

I was surprised how big their serving is, the beef is nice and tender, the omelette is perfectly cooked, and for the curry? It’s not as overpowering as I imagined it was actually sweet.

For curry lovers out there I am sure you are going to appreciate their offerings. I just find their place small. I am excited to try one spicy level up next time with beau and see what he thinks.

Eri Curry (Facebook)
3rd Floor, SM Megamall Atrium

Dinner in #Ramenagi Manila

If you follow my Instagram account and this blog, you probably know by now that I love Japanese food. Katsudon, gyudon, Tempura, sashimi, maki, name it I will eat it.  For my date night, we wanted to try Ramen, so when we saw that Ramenagi has available chairs (cause it is always full).  It looks fast food from the outside, but it’s a casual dining place. The color motif is red, your typical Japanese.  Their menu is mostly Ramens plus the usual Japanese donburi and side dishes. Once you know what Ramen you will get they will give you this.

ramenagi menu

From here you can customize the soup base by adjusting its richness, the amount of special sauce, amount garlic, what meat they’ll put (pork belly or shoulder), kind of vegetable, and the level of spiciness.

After 10 to 15 minutes your order will be delivered.

I ordered Butao King (best seller) and beau ordered Red King (spicy).

ramenagi tonkatsu

ramenagi red king

Our verdict 

The customization gave you freedom on how your Ramen is going to be. It’s a thumbs up because each person varies taste, some want it spicy, rich, and so on. The pork is so tender, I couldn’t argue with that. Their service is fast for a freshly cooked dishes plus the staffs were nice.

The look and feel of the place is like a typical Japanese casual dining, customers come and go. It is situated at the main building of SM North Edsa, perfect place cause that place is busy.

Will I come back? Yes of course.

If you love Ramen, visit Ramenagi.

Ramenagi Manila (Facebook)

SM Aura 8286793 | MOA 5502394 | SM North 3740503 | Robinsons Magnolia 4701356 | Robinsons Manila 3535067 I Greenbelt 3 7505616 I UP Town 9905438 I Podium 6965875

KPUB Meat all you can – Trinoma

It was a fun filled Saturday when the boyfriend and I went out for a date. We wanted to watch Pitch Perfect 2 and the theater is full. We waited for the last full show so we had dinner first. 

We saw the colorful lights outside KPUB so we decided to try it. Price starts at P499 – P1299 per head exluding drinks. Everything is meat all you can, there is a limit of one or two  hours depending on your preference and there’s even a no time limit option if you can.

We chose the P699 package, meat all you can for one hour with seafood. I was impressed with the side dishes – kimchi, lettuce salad, calamari, pizza, tofu, anchovies, pancake, spring rolls, plus sauces.  kpub trinoma For the meat, we were first served with two kinds of bacon, pork belly, chicken teriyaki, shrimp, and cream dory.   Then grill away. The staff were so helpful, they help you grill your meat. Refill everything and they’re super fast.   Before your time limit ends they will ask you for additional orders. Of course you could still stay to finish your food. 

What I like?

  • The ambience is like a hip KPOP Bar.
  • The grill is smokeless
  • The plates and chairs are colorful
  • Accomodating staff
  • Meat overload
  • Value for money

I was so full and I cannot even walk afterwards. I recommend this place for celebration or if you want to pig out like there is no tomorrow. 

KPUB is located at 3rd Floor Trinoma (Garden) 

Your future is define by the choices you make today. Choose to be great.


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