Figaro launches its Yuletide Treats

If we are friends in Facebook and Instagram you saw that I posted the 21st anniversary of Figaro. They sold their brewed (8 oz) and iced (12 oz) coffee for only P21.00. I am sure a lot of coffee lovers out there did enjoy the promo.

Alongside their anniversary, they also launched their yuletide offerings. I am lucky because Figaro is just at the ground floor of my office building when Andy and Ms. Joan invited me over.

I actually have sore throat until now but I cannot resist the temptation from their holiday offerings.

Below are the new concoction that you’ll enjoy.


I would definitely recommend tasting these pastries and coffee (cold version “frost” also available) to feel the holiday vibe.

My personal favorite would be the white cranberry treat.

What are you waiting for? Add a little coffee to your life, go to Figaro.


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My twenty-fifth birthday

I turned 25 yesterday, so what?

Social media made my birthday a chain reaction and I received numerous greetings from friends and colleagues. Yesterday was my oldest and the youngest I could ever be.


I spent dinner with the family last Sunday. I don’t spend much time with them before and I noticed as I grow old there’s a force that draws us closer.


Of course the highlight would be still my significant other who spent a qtt with my dad. My mom even let him drive.


On my actual birthday, I spent it with my well-loved office mates. My closest supplier catered our lunch and cakes are pouring.




Sam25IMG_9453The grace before meals made me teary-eyed, I could cry.

To know that I am a blessing to them makes me strive to continue. I will not sugarcoat my life now, it is like a roller coaster ride, ups and downs, loops, and upside down.

These past few weeks have challenged for me. My career is testing my patience and each day I asked if I can still make it.

Part of me whispers that the best thing is yet to unfold. Until such time I figure out the real purpose of my existence; I shall live each day glorifying my creator.

I hope we all find our true purpose.

For another 365 days to live, Cheers!


Motivation Thursday: Hardships


I broke my daily posting habit. I lost my internet connection. I live in a country where internet costs gold.

This has been a week where I stretched myself – patience, understanding, courage. I spent my night trying to figure out what good could these circumstances do to me.

It all boils down to closing doors and newly opened windows. I won’t disturb today’s peace by worrying my tomorrow.

The world revolves around the sun every 24 hours. What’s on top today may not be there the next day.

I will stay positive. I hope you are too.


Family Day | Beef Caldereta

I am proud that my dad thought me how to cook. Since 5th grade I was exposed in the Kitchen. I learned how to cook Filipino Dishes.

Whenever I am home (Laguna) my parents and siblings request for a dish. I cooked my dad’s specialty for tonight.


Forgive my kitchen photo.

Here are the ingredients:
– 1 kilo beef
– 1 cup potatoes
– 1 cup carrots
– 1/2 cup bell pepper
– 1 small can chick peas
– 2 small can liver spread
– 2 cups tomato sauce
– 1/2 cup tomato paste
– Chili
– 2 cups beef stock
– minced garlic, onion, tomato
– pickles
– Peppercorn
– Bay Leaf

To cook:
– Simmer beef until tender, set aside the stock
– sauté garlic, onion, tomato
– put the cooked beef
– add tomato sauce, tomato paste, beef stock, peppercorn and bay leaf. Let it simmer for 5 minutes
– add chick peas, let it cook, then add the fried potatoes and tomatoes
– add chili, liver spread, pickles
– let it simmer for another 5 minutes and then add bell peppers

Make sure the beef is really tender before proceeding otherwise you won’t enjoy eating it.

There are a lot of ways to cook this dish and for me this is the easiest. My family and dogs enjoyed the dish.

Happy Sunday to all!


CASBAA 2014 | Day 3 | Hong Kong


Finally! The back to back to back meeting is over. We managed to talk to all the people we want to meet and learned a lot.

Writing yesterday’s entry resulted to not having a breakfast. Our meeting started at 10 am; we used Uber Car Services and then had a Japanese lunch.

We also met with our equivalent association from Thailand and more content providers.

We had dinner in Tim Ho Wan, Pork Bun is amazing! We stroll the IFC mall but no hope of getting a cheap shoe replacement.

The waiting time for a cab was long so we decided to go to Wyndham and check Dragon-I bar. I had a boost and we talked about things without boundaries.

realizations there are things that aren’t in your hands and there are things that is normal in any society. People love to complain… and me? I need to be more mature

I packed my things for tomorrow. I miss Manila already. I need to work on the projects that we have and hopefully, me and my team could get things done.

see my Instagram summary deed below…








I’ve been pretty consistent with my online diary once again.


I hope everything is going well with everyone. If it’s rough, don’t worry it’ll pass.


Your future is define by the choices you make today. Choose to be great.


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