Meeting with Viva Communications, Inc.

My hectic week is now over but I feel I forgot to accomplish something….

I ate four times today and they are unhealthy, believe me. I went to work and met with Viva Comm representatives. Despite the odds I encountered with them, I believe we have put it behind us.

Out of three meetings, I was able to fulfill the things which are expected of me. Although the feeling sucks in the beginning, I am still on my adjustment phase.


This passport gave me a mini heart attack. I thought it won’t be released today ang DFA’s phone was keep on ringing. It was an answered prayer when someone picked it up and announced that my passport is ready for pick up.


Funny story: I left my old passport and I have to asked someone to run and hand it to me. The DFA office will close at 6:00 pm and my staff came 5:59 pm.
thank you, Gel and Jerome for saving me.


I was supposed to shop today for some additional outfit for next week’s trip but ze bf won’t let me get the crop top I saw in H&M. So we ended up eating and I ended up crying. *laughs*
you know the feeling of wanting to shop but wasn’t able to do so? Waaa

I will still have tomorrow to scout the malls.

To cap off the day, October 24 is a significant day for me as an attached lady. I celebrated 97th month with ze bf. It’s funny that we people count how long we are dating a person but it delivers smile to my face.

I hope you all had a blast this week. Thank you for reading my random thoughts.

Cheering for you,


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Death Penalty should be imposed, a chit chat with a cab driver

I rode a cab the other day and surprisingly the driver has great insights about the Philippine economy.

But before I continue my story let me show you my latest jelly case that I bought for only less done a buck (P40).


Back to my story….

In metro manila commuters suffer from heavy traffic, long train lines, flood, power interruptions, and so on. One’s day can be ruined by all these factors, and being a cab driver, he shared the same sentiments of his fellow citizen including me.

Here are the things he suggested.

Heavy Trafiic

– suggest the government to face out cars which are more than ten years old.
– families could only have a maximum of three cars
– banks should be more cautious in granting car loans
– government should create more public transportation
– vanish multiple PUV companies, government can own it
– build more fly overs and skyways
– have a key city for each function

Drugs and Child Trafficking

– death penalty should be available
– drug users/pushers should be killed
– abolish all policemen and train new blood
– criminal case can be filed against to children starting 12 years old
– no mercy for Filipinos who broke the law outside the country

According also to him, Martial Law was a brilliant idea and Ferdinand Marcos is a hero. Anyone can impose such laws just as long no one will abuse it.

As for the corruption issue, every politician should be discreet in taking away money from the citizens, project first, then the remaining money could be theirs.

I was blown away by his principles, he could run a position in the government but I have a doubt that my nation will remain the same.

I still have hopes, though.

Any fellow countrymen reading this? What are your thoughts?

Comment below.

It was a blissful ride to my meeting venue.


Simple Salsa Recipe by R&R

Hey guys!

I am beyond happy because I am consistently writing for three days in a row.

Today I will share a simple salsa recipe that I invented over instinct. A little disclaimer here, I am not a chef, I pretend to be a Kitchen Hero and thankfully, my customers are happy.


10 small tomatoes
3 small onions
4 red and green bell pepper
5 red hot chili peppers
5 tbsp Vinegar
1 tsp rock salt
5 tsp sugar
1 lime
1 bundle Cilantro
1 cup tomato sauce


Since I used a food processor no need to chop the ingredients. If you don’t have one, chop everything finely and mix it them. You’ll end up with a rustic salsa.


Depending on the size of your food processor, you may put the ingredients one by one or all at once. I processed the ingredients almost purée before adding the condiments to taste.


It is up to you whether you like it hot, sour, sweet, rough, or smooth.

Store it in a cute jar and prepare your nachos.



The truth is I was just requested to make one. Hopefully they’ll enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it.

Do you have other salsa recipe? Please feel free to leave the link below, I would love to try them.



Do you like posts like this?

(photos taken using iPhone 5s)

Meeting with Creative Programs, Inc.


I realized I have no photos taken for my entire day’s errand.

I went to SMX Convention Center to meet with our booth contractor and measure the stages and all. I, then went to ABS CBN to catch up with the meeting.

The day passed by swiftly. I am glad that I was able to vent out all the bad news I received. I admit I am on my escape rebel mode.

The photo above tells me to stay calm and submit all my worries to my almighty.

I am not the religious type but I do believe that there is a powerful force out there who created all the beautiful things on earth, including myself.

To end the night, WordPress notified me with a BOOM from my stats.


Happy to know that you enjoy my daily ramblings and occasional food/travel insights.

I hope you find happiness in every breath you take.

Cheering for you,


Meeting with RTL CBS


I will try to see if I can maintain writing everyday, once again.

Today is a busy day. I went straight from Laguna and then went to Makati to meet with RTL CBS, a new channel on the block.

We discussed the following projects that we could work on. We ate at chateau 1771, a very suitable place for good food and business lunch.

I am hopeful that we will be able to start a good relationship with RTL’s Philippine Rep.

After the meeting, we sat down with our tax lawyer to discuss office financial issues.

Then to cap off the day, I presented a health and freedom slide to a potential business partner.

I am thankful that I have the energy to accomplish everything.

Below are the photos for today.





Your future is define by the choices you make today. Choose to be great.


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