Weekly roundabout: Downloading management podcasts

13 Sep


My week passed by without me noting it. Perhaps it is because I go to work late and finished tasks in the evening.

With the added responsibility on my shoulder, the compensation which I suspect to escalate, sad to say it still cannot cover my MBA.

My former colleagues slash friends became my subordinates. The adjustment is hard, especially that I am the youngest. Besides the fact that my true management style is more on the OCD case.

I wish I could grasp and juggle all at once soon.

I am downloading podcasts now, changed my subscription from beauty to leadership. I continued scanning my 101 book from Maxwell, surprisingly, it had motivated me in a way to change my vision.

I am still seeking for my core purpose. I’ll get there slowly. I have to.

Going back to my MBA, I searched for schools and I was blown out of the water that the tuition fee is almost $50,00 compare to make up school, I believe taking up a master’s degree in management might be a great option.

Oh well, I am doing Crossfit at home. Developing habits are crucial must stick to the 21 day rule! Phew!

To you, the reader, I hope you are also doing something today to improve yourself too. We can only change if we grow.

Cheers to us.

Good luck.


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When you give, you gain…

8 Sep


I have been out of the cyberworld lately, I was assigned to take a new responsibility that I feel uncertain. Only a few people were confident that I will be capable to replace the person who just left…

I told myself, “yes, I won’t be able to replace her because I will be better than her..” Hopes that I keep close to my heart.

Given that I am in the process of learning while tweaking the existing ground we have right at present. Not just for the industry, but for the company, the people there including myself.

I have lived in a world where I desired to know everything and show it off; wanting other people’s validation of my good work. I realized it’s not going to turn out, it is better to love yourself first, appreciate other people and your differences while imparting whatever you have to others.

Giving and gaining is the same. When you sacrifice, you gain something, the things you gave will not be the same as the thing you will receive but I am sure it can fill empty spaces you have in your soul.

It is like filling in someone else’s puzzle while the other complete yours. It is funny that nature was the one who shown it – biodiversity.

I feel weird while writing, but I want to remember when I read this again that I started something and it turned away really well.

We just have one shot in this world, let us all make it count.

Weekly roundabout : Laguna Weekend

31 Aug

Things have been going crazy in my life lately. It’s like I am choosing between tasks I should manage. After three months of not going home, I was able to see my daddy and my sister (My brother stays with me and my mom make a weekly visit).

Since it was a long weekend I get to enjoy our place.

I passed around to see the construction of the phase one of our subdivisions. I am excited to experience our very own club house and Eco park.

Meanwhile, our dog, chi-chi, gone so big and I run her around, she is a Belgian Malinois, by the path. My Crossfit training lately made me addicted to sweat so I run for two consecutive days too.

My dad wanted me to go home every weekend and I want to spend more time with them.

Anyway these are some snapshots I took.





Claimed my Klout Perk — A business card from Moo.com

19 Aug

moo.com eco business card

moo business card


An organic skin care line in Paris, Entensi told me about Klout and he was amazed of my high scores and that I am present in almost all social networking sites. So I signed up to Klout and gave away Klout points to other online peeps.

I have totally forgotten about clout until my blogger friend Gen of genzelkisses.com said she claimed hers; so I immediately logged in and hoped that I can still claim the perks.

And voila! I was able to redeem it.

I went to moo.com site to customized the design and chose the eco-card (if I remember the name correctly). I paid for the minimal shipping fee from UK and it arrived a week before the ETA they told me.

I am very satisfied.

Now I can use this card for my blog, makeup, and events.

It’s nice to have sites that have such  wonderful perks. Now I want my scores to go higher and get more perks.



19 Aug

netheroes day14-thumbnail

What does it mean to be a hero for you? For each person, the idea of being a hero can change. But heroism doesn’t always involve having to risk your life for your country. Sometimes, it springs from the simplest forms of kindness and ingenuity! Buti na lang, marami niyan ang mga Pinoy! (Good thing, Filipinos have heaps of that)

This month, as our nation commemorates heroes of all forms, let’s look at 3 Ayos reasons why even regular Pinoys (you, me, anyone!) deserve bragging rights to be called a modern hero:

  1. Filipinos are happy spirits.

When was the last time you shared a hearty laugh with a friend? Believe it or not, that tender moment may have turned a day around.

It truly is more fun in the Philippines, where as a nation, we comprise of people who just loves to live from the lighter side of life. When the times get rough, you can expect someone to make you laugh with a joke, an advice, or even a song! Always remember that a smile is powerful. Wear it, feel good with it, and next thing you know, someone else is better because you shared a smile with them.

  1. Filipinos are accommodating.

Ever got hit by the “I just need someone to talk to” bug; where unloading some thoughts and feelings to a confidante is enough to make your feel better? You’re not alone in that. Fortunately, Filipinos are easily open to listen, even welcome you to their homes when you just need to feel like you’re not alone.

  1. Filipinos give life a second chance.

Despite the tragedies that hit the country, it is part of the Filipino continue to rise up and try again. Sometimes, this even extends to how they treat the stuff they have lying around the house. Clothes, toys, and hobby items that Pinoys once loved, end up finding a renewed purpose when sold online.

AyosDito.ph, a leading online classifieds portal and key player in driving consumer-to-consumer (C2C) e-commerce in the country, is part of a global network of online classifieds sites in more than 30 countries. Since the start of its operations in 2009, the company has fielded a dedicated staff of ad reviewers to check the legitimacy of ads and thus provide a higher quality of experiences on the site.

True enough, more and more Filipinos have embraced the idea of online buy and sell through AyosDito.ph, a free online classifieds website. In fact, during a 12-month period from May 2013 to May 2014, AyosDito.ph soared with a 177% increase in number of ads posted on its platform.

Ayos maging pinoy diba? 

but the most responsive to change…

11 Aug


Last week was crazy.

  • I tried to change my beauty blog’s theme
  • I was assigned to a new beat, fitness facility
  • I was in a shocking meeting
  • I slept
  • I went to a bazaar to buy my sister-in-law’s evening gown

I feel that I am in a chaos of responsibility and I want to juggle everything. I cannot give up one, I do not know why, I am still figuring it out. One night last week, I thought about my family. I haven’t seen them in months, but I have to stay here in the city to sustain my urban jungle life. What a twenty-five year-old woman could do? Live her life, of course, but I am not living  my life the way I want it to be.

I am not saying that I am wasting my years, I wonder what can I do to change the course I am in. Maybe I worry too much and keep on pretending that life is easy on me when it is entirely not.

Life goes on for everyone and I am thankful for the courage I have to face a new day. Maybe I am not there yet, but maybe I am near, my purpose is still unknown and the excitement to unveil it disturbs my sanity.

Someday it’s going to make sense.

xoxo SAMMY

P.S. Wherever you are, please do not lose hope, I am here at the other side of the world, praying for you.

Disconnected: My phone was stolen

5 Aug


If there’s something I am embarrassed of my country; it’s the rampant case of theft and robbery, most of the time it’s a gadget. Maybe it’s easy to pick a pocket or slash a purse to get one, right? So last July 31, I was on my way to Asian Institute of Management, Makati, I rode a bus from Ortigas Center and found myself stuck in a heavy rain and slow-moving traffic. The moment I reached my destination the bus was overloaded, I had to struggle a human maze to find the exit and poof, my iPhone became a koko krunch — GONE!

I telephoned my carrier and they temporarily barred my line (which means I will still pay monthly). I printed a stolen phone report at NTC (which I haven’t submitted because I don’t know how) then changed all my passwords. I did not set up my iCloud that is why I cannot remotely erase the content. Luckily my main notes are not there.


My life was? Oh, terrible in a sense that I don’t have an internet. I use my iPhone as a hotspot to my iPad where I do most my work so now my iPad became a game console.  I am not really sad, but I felt crippled, having that phone for three years already. My loyalty contract will expire next year so might well get an inexpensive phone first. *sigh*

Life goes on and it’s a just a phone.




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