CASBAA 2014 | Day 3 | Hong Kong


Finally! The back to back to back meeting is over. We managed to talk to all the people we want to meet and learned a lot.

Writing yesterday’s entry resulted to not having a breakfast. Our meeting started at 10 am; we used Uber Car Services and then had a Japanese lunch.

We also met with our equivalent association from Thailand and more content providers.

We had dinner in Tim Ho Wan, Pork Bun is amazing! We stroll the IFC mall but no hope of getting a cheap shoe replacement.

The waiting time for a cab was long so we decided to go to Wyndham and check Dragon-I bar. I had a boost and we talked about things without boundaries.

realizations there are things that aren’t in your hands and there are things that is normal in any society. People love to complain… and me? I need to be more mature

I packed my things for tomorrow. I miss Manila already. I need to work on the projects that we have and hopefully, me and my team could get things done.

see my Instagram summary deed below…








I’ve been pretty consistent with my online diary once again.


I hope everything is going well with everyone. If it’s rough, don’t worry it’ll pass.


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CASBAA 2014 | Day 2 | Hong Kong

It is nice to share things while it is fresh. It is my second day here in Hong Kong and I woke up early.

There was a second fiasco regarding our travel arrangements. We have no breakfast but our Hotel Voucher says it has. The agent said he removed the breakfast so we can have bigger discount. In the end it was the same.

Convenience is expensive.

It is my first time to experience rush hour in Hong Kong, since there is an on-going protest, some roads are closed. Thankfully, the hotel’s concierge is a Filipino and he gave tips.

We arrived a bit late for our first meeting. I am happy that today’s meet ups ended pretty well. There is always room for improvement and as the world changes when it comes to digitization might as well adapt it.

I am sad that two of my shoes ended their service and I have to walk looking funny. I went back to the hotel to get my trusty shoes, had dinner, and went to HBO party.

follow my photos from today’s adventure below





No photo of me. I am still the photographer for everyone. Hah! By the way I registered to Globe Unli Data Roam for P599/24hrs not bad.

It’s gonna be a long day tomorrow.

Style and beauty story would be up in DISHY soonest time I can. Follow me on Instagram @dishysammy for a quick catch up.

CASBAA 2014 | Day 1 | Hong Kong


This is my fifth travel in Hong Kong. I feel privileged to be part of our company’s delegation. My main tasks is to assist my bosses and if given a chance speak up.

Our main purpose is to represent the country as well as talk about the industry’s growth.

My day started really early, I slept around 2am and woke up around 4am then rushed to the airport by 5am. I cannot believe that EDSA is congested that early. Luckily, I made it 15 minutes before the boarding time. Haha



Our flight was with Philippine Airlines and I am very pleased because there were no delays.

I requested a window seat and I was assigned four rows after the wings. The take off felt like a roller coaster.


Breakfast was served. I ate daing na bangus and then tried to take a nap but I failed. My back is giving me hard time (bone spurs). So I stared at my window and enjoyed the cirrus clouds.


We arrived and the fiasco started….

Our local travel agent failed to properly arranged hotel transfer and we waited for two hours to look for the pick up guy.

We ended up having lunch at the airport’s best restaurant.


We took a cab to the hotel and then rushed once again to chase out 3pm meeting. We waited and head to our traditional Chinese dinner with Cable Boss.

They even gave me a gift since I got promoted.


It is so clean and crisp. No after taste. I cannot describe it but it’s very lovely.

My room is too big for me and I am half awake while I type this entry. I am praying for a smooth day later.

Please pray for me. We have five meetings tomorrow.


this post seem weird and talkative haha

Manam Express, Food Choices, Trinoma


It’s been a while since I last dine in Trinoma’s food choices. I was with my beauty bff Katleya and she was dead hungry after helping me putting together a week’s outfit.

When we saw Manam Express she exclaimed how delicious their food. Without second thoughts I agree with her and we ordered our dinner.

For only P149 you can have your complete Filipino meal – rice, viand, vegetable, sauce, & soup; drinks are add-ons.


I chose, garlic rice – bagnet (deep fried pork) mangga at kamatis (green mango salsa) – spicy vinegar.


This is like your home kitchen cooking level 100. This is the tastiest garlic rice I’ve tried and the bagnet is delicious, although it is more like a pork chop compared too the original bagnet in Ilocos. The soup is sinigang but different variant, I am not sure if it is tamarind or it is a wood bark.

The mango salsa is heaven. The condiment should not be vinegar, a liver gravy would be perfect for this.

Now I found a new place to eat. The serving size, and the taste exceeded my expectation from its price.

I shall return!

Later would be another food adventure so expect another post of mouthwatering goodness!


Meeting with Viva Communications, Inc.

My hectic week is now over but I feel I forgot to accomplish something….

I ate four times today and they are unhealthy, believe me. I went to work and met with Viva Comm representatives. Despite the odds I encountered with them, I believe we have put it behind us.

Out of three meetings, I was able to fulfill the things which are expected of me. Although the feeling sucks in the beginning, I am still on my adjustment phase.


This passport gave me a mini heart attack. I thought it won’t be released today ang DFA’s phone was keep on ringing. It was an answered prayer when someone picked it up and announced that my passport is ready for pick up.


Funny story: I left my old passport and I have to asked someone to run and hand it to me. The DFA office will close at 6:00 pm and my staff came 5:59 pm.
thank you, Gel and Jerome for saving me.


I was supposed to shop today for some additional outfit for next week’s trip but ze bf won’t let me get the crop top I saw in H&M. So we ended up eating and I ended up crying. *laughs*
you know the feeling of wanting to shop but wasn’t able to do so? Waaa

I will still have tomorrow to scout the malls.

To cap off the day, October 24 is a significant day for me as an attached lady. I celebrated 97th month with ze bf. It’s funny that we people count how long we are dating a person but it delivers smile to my face.

I hope you all had a blast this week. Thank you for reading my random thoughts.

Cheering for you,


Your future is define by the choices you make today. Choose to be great.


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