KPUB Meat all you can – Trinoma

It was a fun filled Saturday when the boyfriend and I went out for a date. We wanted to watch Pitch Perfect 2 and the theater is full. We waited for the last full show so we had dinner first. 

We saw the colorful lights outside KPUB so we decided to try it. Price starts at P499 – P1299 per head exluding drinks. Everything is meat all you can, there is a limit of one or two  hours depending on your preference and there’s even a no time limit option if you can.

We chose the P699 package, meat all you can for one hour with seafood. I was impressed with the side dishes – kimchi, lettuce salad, calamari, pizza, tofu, anchovies, pancake, spring rolls, plus sauces.  kpub trinoma For the meat, we were first served with two kinds of bacon, pork belly, chicken teriyaki, shrimp, and cream dory.   Then grill away. The staff were so helpful, they help you grill your meat. Refill everything and they’re super fast.   Before your time limit ends they will ask you for additional orders. Of course you could still stay to finish your food. 

What I like?

  • The ambience is like a hip KPOP Bar.
  • The grill is smokeless
  • The plates and chairs are colorful
  • Accomodating staff
  • Meat overload
  • Value for money

I was so full and I cannot even walk afterwards. I recommend this place for celebration or if you want to pig out like there is no tomorrow. 

KPUB is located at 3rd Floor Trinoma (Garden) 

Getting Back on Track

I feel like I am inside the hunger games’s arena cause I am fighting to survive. Not that life is hard on me now but I am in the midst of catching the change train. I can’t keep up.

Last Friday, I started to eat healthy lunches. For five consecutive days I maintained eating light throughout the day. Of course I won’t deny, I do eat heavenly with the boyfriend for our quality time together. 

Also, my colleagues and I started a physical activity in the office. We started working out every 5pm using WOD found in Pinterest.

Having tried Crossfit myself, I was able to guide them with proper stance and execution. We are all aching and we walk as if our bones gonna break.

I am proud how strong I am until now. Although aesthetically, when you look at me I am a balloon, blown up max.

With this two day rest, I wish I will recover so we can get going.

I salute the determination of my new workout buddies. I am inspired to do more because of them. I am motivated to be the best version of myself.

Maybe our APE was the wake up call for us to change our 8-hour desk lifestyle.

With discipline, I believe we can all workout at home.

Burpees is still the killer of them all. LOL  
On the other hand, I also availed the 5-day Muay Thai Classes at Elorde through Groupon.

I never felt so alive.  

Devant x Avengers

I am a big fan of Marvel now, ever since I watched Iron Man and then follow the thread of the succeeding movies while anticipating each post credit scene in the movie. Last April 23, the most anticipated sequels of the Avengers: Age of Ultron made wave in theaters. Being one of the most trusted brand in the country, Devant was named as Marvel’s official TV partner brand.

To celebrate this great partnership, DEVANT TV reached out to their market by holding a private block screening of Marvel’s “Avengers: Age of Ultron” attended by top bloggers, media and online influencers along with various DEVANT TV dealers nationwide. The event showcased the DEVANT TV Collection and its superb features that make it stand out among other TV brands in the market. Each TV represented a character from the Avengers, highlighting special features of DEVANT TVs that will surely boost one’s overall viewing experience.


DEVANT x Avengers TV Features

DEVANT Curved TV – Captain America

Be unique and in the lead like the legendary Captain America with the new DEVANT 65-inch Curved Ultra HD TV. This Smart 3D TV’s sleek curved style is perfect not only for watching your favorite shows and movies but for a great gaming experience as well.

8.3 MP Technology – Iron Man

Fond of high-tech gadgets just like the eccentric billionaire inventor Tony Stark? Devant’s 65-inch Smart 3D Ultra HD TV is the right choice for you! Armed with an 8.3 Megapixel display resolution, a built-in ISDB-T receiver and other amazing features, the techie in you will surely be impressed.

120HZ Vivid Motion – Thor

Say goodbye to blurred scenes with this DEVANT 55-inch Smart 3D Ultra HD TV. With its 120Hz Vivid Motion and fast frame refresh rate, even scenes as fast as the thunder from the mighty Asgardian Thor will never be a problem.

Superb Sound – The Hulk

Hear the Hulk’s roars loud and clear with DEVANT 50-inch Smart 3D Ultra HD TV’s Superb Sound. Its built-in subwoofer produces richer and clearer audio that enhances your viewing experience.

Perfectly Clear Panel – Hawkeye

Experience spot for picture display wherever you are! DEVANT 55-inch Smart 3D TV’s Perfectly Clear Panel eliminates ambient light reflection and gives you balanced picture displays even in various lighting conditions and allows you to never miss a scene just like how the unparalleled marksman Hawkeye never misses his target.

2D to 3D Conversion – Black Widow

Armed with intelligence and amazing fighting skills, the Black Widow is never afraid to join the men in action. Enjoy and immerse yourself in intense action scenes from Marvel’s “Avengers: Age of Ultron” with the 2D to 3D conversion feature of DEVANT’s 50-inch Smart 3D TV.

Experience 3D viewing in the comfort of your home with just the touch of a button. Together The Avengers make up a superhero team so powerful they are labeled Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. With DEVANT’s great roster of TV collection and the amazing features they offer, one can consider it as one of the best brands TV can offer.

Join the team and be talked about in a big way with the DEVANT TV Collection.

For more information, visit, like them on Facebook ( and follow them on Instagram @devanttv

Boracay 2015 Photo Diary

I love summer! I always dreamt a life that I own a rest house in a beach front where I jog every morning with my dog, a Belgian Malinois to be exact. *laughs*

My colleagues and I decided not to be in Batangas and splurge in Boracay, the famous beach in the Philippines. This time with more activities like Island Hopping, Snorkeling, Helmet Diving, and Parasailing.

We stayed at Marzon Hotel in Station 3 assisted by Soutwest Travel and Tours. Southwest staffs are hospitable, from the Jetty Port to the hotel lobby they got you covered.

Since we are on a budget, we traveled by Sea via 2go travel. Although the cruising time is almost 8 hours, if you want to save money, it’s okay. But I am definitely recommending to book a plane and plan the vacation 6 – 8 months before as air fares go down sometimes.

I like staying on station 3 cause the beach is cleaner and quieter. Station 2 is best for food and bar hopping while station 1 is for splurge vacation.

There are a lot of water activities you could do in Boracay and each year it only gets exciting.

Island Hopping (PHP1,500/pax inclusive of Buffet Lunch) – First stop Snorkeling near Carabao Island, add 20 pesos for the gear; then Crystal Cove for cave exploration with PHP200 entrance fee (optional); next lunch at another island; then Puka Beach; then another snorkeling near station 3. The whole island hopping will take 3 – 4 hours.

Helmet Diving (PHP500/pax inclusive of photo and video CD) – Speedboat going to the diving site, you will submerge in the water up to your shoulder before they put the 25kg helmet then the diver will help you. This will take 15 – 20 minutes, they will give you fish feeders so the fish will come to you and they’ll capture the video.

Parasaling (PHP700 – 1500/pax) depending on the provider, prices vary on how you bargain and how big is your group. This is a must try for me because you will see the breathtaking Sulu Sea from afar.

Other Boracay activities include, sunset sailing, cliff diving, paddle boarding, kite surfing, ATV, Zorb, and many more. You may talk to the local volunteers to help you if you are a big group or go to the establishment yourself.

Here are some of our photos:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Dinner at Kyo Chon

It is Thursday already and I am stuck monitoring some travel arrangements in the office. My days have been good to me, I was shaken by the series of event but nonetheless, I know there is a reason for everything.

Ok enough! Last Sunday I spent my afternoon with bff Katleya we went to a beauty event together then stayed at SM megamall for some f21 shopping and coffee.

When we are about to go home, we felt hungry. 

We ate at Kyo Chon, curious about their chicken. We ordered the Combo 1: 10 wings, a salad, two rice, and two soda. I asked for a combination flavor for wings (Original and Red Series).


The salad for me is a so-so, cause the dressing is not enough and the red cabbage was too stiff. 

As for the chicken, men it is the most spicy wings I ever had. It stays in your lips and at the tip of your toungue. You’re going to sweat and will feel literally hot.

As for the original flavor, it’s garlicy. All the flavors were in the crispy skin, not much on the meat but I am not complaining. 

If you love buffalo wings, this is 10x spicier unless you have high tolerance with red chili peppers. 

I need to try the honey version of this, I am sure it’ll be nice.

Special mention, the Japanese rice is amazing.


Your future is define by the choices you make today. Choose to be great.


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